CommandPost is a completely free and open source Mac application that allows you to seriously speed up your creative editing process through powerful and customisable automation tools - it’s basically Automator for editors. It’s currently focussed on Apple’s Final Cut Pro - however the road-map is to add useful functionality for other tools we use on a daily basis, like Adobe After Effects and mocha Pro.

It originally started off as a little proof of concept project to make finding the Final Cut Pro browser playhead easier for Scott Simmons (you can read the origin story here) – but has since grown into a HUGE collection of handy professional workflow tools and unique automation features to make editing within Final Cut Pro faster, easier and much more powerful. And this is just the beginning…

Built on-top of a powerful plugin architecture, the aim of CommandPost is to build a free and open platform where editors worldwide can easily create and share useful tools to make their editing lives easier - allowing them to spend less time worrying about keystrokes, and more time doing creative things. We want to remove boring workflow obstacles so that everyone can get home earlier and spend less time in front of a computer.

If you know how to stumble around HTML or JavaScript code, building plugins for CommandPost will be a breeze, as they’re built using the powerful, efficient and lightweight Lua coding language.


New promo video coming soon! The below video is quite a few months old now and doesn’t reflect all the new features of CommandPost.

Inspired by this AMAZING video by Thomas Grove Carter.


CommandPost is currently in a public beta testing phase.

If you’re interested in helping out please join our Beta Testers Facebook Group.

Alternatively, if you don’t have Facebook you can download the latest release here.

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System Requirements:

CommandPost supports macOS 10.10.5 or above.

It requires Accessibility Permissions, so you’ll need your computer’s Administrator Password.

The Virtual Touch Bar features require macOS Sierra 10.12.1 build 16B2657 or above.

The Final Cut Pro features require Final Cut Pro 10.3.2 or above.

How to Contribute:

You can help support CommandPost financially by:

…or help out with development by:


You can post issues and feature requests on the CommandPost GitHub Page. Registering with GitHub is free, and we actively monitor these requests, so you’ll generally get a very quick reply.

Alternatively, you can always email us via


CommandPost is the next iteration of FCPX Hacks, which was originally conceived and thrown together by Chris Hocking at LateNite Films.

CommandPost is now developed and maintained by Chris Hocking & David Peterson through GitHub.

Special Thanks:

The CommandPost logo was designed by the very generous and talented Sam Woodhall.

The CommandPost-App is a fork of Hammerspoon. Thank you to EVERYONE in the Hammerspoon Community for all their help!

MASSIVE thank you to Aaron Magill and Chris Jones for all their on-going help and support with Hammerspoon – they’re both truly awesome people. CommandPost wouldn’t be remotely possible if it wasn’t for their brains and constant help and support. Thank you, thank you.

MASSIVE thank you to the INCREDIBLE Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot for giving the world FX Console for FREE – and also inspiring me to rip off his genius idea and include a “console” feature in CommandPost!

Also, a very big thank you to Bill Cheeseman at PFiddlesoft, for all his help with UI Browser and his very generous GUI Scripting advice. Thanks also to Andreas Verhoeven & Robbert Klarenbeek for the work they’ve done with Touch Bar Demo App - which Aaron Magill very kindly ported to Hammerspoon.

An equally MASSIVE thank you to the always amazing Karen Hocking, Daniel Daperis, David Hocking, Nicholas Colla, Alex Gollner, Scott Simmons, Isaac J. Terronez, Tim Webb, Iain Anderson, Nash Nash, Андрей Смирнов, Michael Matzdorff, Shahin Shokoui, Ilyas Akhmedov and everyone in the FCPX Editors InSync & FINAL CUT PRO X EDITORS Facebook Groups for all their ideas and advice!

Thanks also to our awesome beta testers!