# cp.localized

Helps look up localized names for folders.

# API Overview

Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

  • getLocalizedName

# API Documentation

# Functions

# getLocalizedName

Signature cp.localized.getLocalizedName(path[, locale]) -> string, string
Type Function
Description Returns the localized name for the path in the specified locale. If all else fails, the original folder name is returned. The 'unlocalized' folder name is returned as the second value, without .localized at the end, if it was present.
  • path - The full path to the folder
  • locale - The locale to retrieve the name for.
  • The localized name, or name if not available.
  • The original name, minus .localized
  • This function will automatically convert a colon to a dash when localising.
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/localized/init.lua line 147