# cp.apple.fcpxml

A collection of tools for handling FCPXML Documents.

# Submodules

# API Overview

Constants - Useful values which cannot be changed


Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

  • latestDTDVersion
  • supportedDTDs
  • valid

# API Documentation

# Constants


Signature cp.apple.fcpxml.HAS_OFFSET_ATTRIBUTE <table: string:boolean>
Type Constant
Description Table of elements that have an offset attribute.
Notes None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/fcpxml/init.lua line 20

# Functions

# latestDTDVersion

Signature cp.apple.fcpxml.latestDTDVersion() -> string
Type Function
Description Gets the latest supported FCPXML DTD version.
  • None
  • The latest DTD version as a string, for example: "1.8".
Notes None
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/fcpxml/init.lua line 61

# supportedDTDs

Signature cp.apple.fcpxml.supportedDTDs() -> table
Type Function
Description Returns a table containing the version numbers of all the DTD documents included in this extension.
  • None
  • A table of supported DTD versions as strings.
Notes None
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/fcpxml/init.lua line 38

# valid

Signature cp.apple.fcpxml:valid(path[, version]) -> string|boolean, string
Type Function
Description Validates an FCPXML document against a document type definition (DTD).
  • path - The path and path of the FCPXML document you want to validate.
  • version - The optional FCPXML version you want to validate against.
  • The FCPXML path or false if not valid.
  • The output from xmllint as a string.
  • If a version is not supplied, we will try and read the version
  • from the file itself, and if that's not possible, we'll default
  • to the latest FCPXML version.
  • If a fcpxmld bundle path is supplied, this function will return
  • the path to the Info.fcpxml document if valid.
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/fcpxml/init.lua line 76