# Prevent Mac from Sleeping

Much like the beloved MacOS app Caffeine, CommandPost provides an option to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep. This setting overrides your Battery setting in your System Preferences and keeps the display on indefinitely. It's a handy tool if you want to temporarily disable sleep to ensure a download or upload won't be interrupted, and then revert to your usual sleep settings afterwards.

Currently, the only way to access this function is from the menu bar. Click "Prevent Mac from Sleeping." A tick on the left side of the menu option indicates that the Mac will not go to sleep, and an absent tick indicates that the Mac's sleep settings will not be affected by CommandPost.

To preserve energy and extend the life of your display, you may dim the internal display or turn off the external display while rest assured that your Mac will not go to sleep.

Although CommandPost saves the sleep prevention setting, it will not prevent sleep if CommandPost is not running.