# cp.pattern

Contains pattern matching utility functions.

# API Overview

Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

  • doesMatch

# API Documentation

# Functions

# doesMatch

Signature cp.pattern.doesMatch(value, searchString[, options]) -> boolean
Type Function
Description Checks if the provided value matches the search string, given the provided options.
  • value - The value to check.
  • searchString - The string values to match.
  • options - The table of options.
  • true if the value matches the search string
  • Supported options:
  • caseSensitive - If true, the case in the search string must match the value.
  • exact - If true, the search string must match exactly somewhere within the value. If false, words separated by spaces can appear anywhere in the value.
  • wholeWords - If true, either the whole string (if exact is true) or each word (if exact is false) must match at word boundaries.
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp//pattern.lua line 24