# CommandPost

# API Documentation

Module Description
hs Core Hammerspoon functionality
hs.alert Simple on-screen alerts
hs.appfinder Easily find hs.application and hs.window objects
hs.applescript Execute AppleScript code
hs.application Manipulate running applications
hs.application.watcher Watch for application launch/terminate events
hs.audiodevice Manipulate the system's audio devices
hs.audiodevice.datasource Inspect/manipulate the data sources of an audio device
hs.audiodevice.watcher Watch for system level audio hardware events
hs.axuielement This module allows you to access the accessibility objects of running applications, their windows, menus, and other user interface elements that support the OS X accessibility API.
hs.axuielement.axtextmarker This submodule allows hs.axuielement to support using AXTextMarker and AXTextMarkerRange objects as parameters for parameterized Accessibility attributes with applications that support them.
hs.axuielement.observer This submodule allows you to create observers for accessibility elements and be notified when they trigger notifications. Not all notifications are supported by all elements and not all elements support notifications, so some trial and error will be necessary, but for compliant applications, this can allow your code to be notified when an application's user interface changes in some way.
hs.base64 Base64 encoding and decoding
hs.battery Battery/power information
hs.battery.watcher Watch for battery/power state changes
hs.blackmagic Support for the Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor Keyboard and Editor Keyboard.
hs.bonjour Find and publish network services advertised by multicast DNS (Bonjour) with Hammerspoon.
hs.bonjour.service Represents the service records that are discovered or published by the hs.bonjour module.
hs.brightness Inspect/manipulate display brightness
hs.caffeinate Control system power states (sleeping, preventing sleep, screen locking, etc)
hs.caffeinate.watcher Watch for display and system sleep/wake/power events
hs.camera Inspect the system's camera devices
hs.canvas A different approach to drawing in Hammerspoon
hs.canvas.matrix A sub module to hs.canvas which provides support for basic matrix manipulations which can be used as the values for transformation attributes in the hs.canvas module.
hs.chooser Graphical, interactive tool for choosing/searching data
hs.console Some functions for manipulating the Hammerspoon console.
hs.crash Various features/facilities for developers who are working on Hammerspoon itself, or writing extensions for it. It is extremely unlikely that you should need any part of this extension, in a normal user configuration.
hs.deezer Controls for Deezer music player.
hs.dialog A collection of useful dialog boxes, alerts and panels for user interaction.
hs.dialog.color A panel that allows users to select a color.
hs.distributednotifications Interact with NSDistributedNotificationCenter
hs.doc Create documentation objects for interactive help within Hammerspoon
hs.doc.builder Builds documentation support files. Still experimental.
hs.doc.hsdocs Manage the internal documentation web server.
hs.doc.markdown Markdown to HTML and plaintext conversion support used by hs.doc
hs.dockicon Control Hammerspoon's dock icon
hs.drawing DEPRECATED. Primitives for drawing on the screen in various ways.
hs.drawing.color Provides access to the system color lists and a wider variety of ways to represent color within Hammerspoon.
hs.eventtap Tap into input events (mouse, keyboard, trackpad) for observation and possibly overriding them
hs.eventtap.event Create, modify and inspect events for hs.eventtap
hs.expose Keyboard-driven expose replacement/enhancement
hs.fnutils Functional programming utility functions
hs.fs Access/inspect the filesystem
hs.fs.volume Interact with OS X filesystem volumes
hs.fs.xattr Get and manipulate extended attributes for files and directories
hs.geometry Utility object to represent points, sizes and rects in a bidimensional plane
hs.grid Move/resize windows within a grid
hs.hash Various hashing algorithms
hs.hid HID interface for Hammerspoon, controls and queries caps lock state
hs.hid.led HID LED interface for Hammerspoon, controls the state of keyboard LEDs
hs.hints Switch focus with a transient per-application keyboard shortcut
hs.host Inspect information about the machine Hammerspoon is running on
hs.host.locale Retrieve information about the user's Language and Region settings.
hs.hotkey Create and manage global keyboard shortcuts
hs.hotkey.modal Create/manage modal keyboard shortcut environments
hs.http Perform HTTP requests
hs.httpserver Simple HTTP server
hs.httpserver.hsminweb Minimalist Web Server for Hammerspoon
hs.httpserver.hsminweb.cgilua Provides support functions in the cgilua module for Hammerspoon Minimal Web Server Lua templates.
hs.httpserver.hsminweb.cgilua.lp Support functions for the CGILua compatibility module for including and translating Lua template pages into Lua code for execution within the Hammerspoon environment to provide dynamic content for http requests.
hs.httpserver.hsminweb.cgilua.urlcode Support functions for the CGILua compatibility module for encoding and decoding URL components in accordance with RFC 3986.
hs.image A module for capturing and manipulating image objects from other modules for use with hs.drawing.
hs.inspect Produce human-readable representations of Lua variables (particularly tables)
hs.ipc Provides Hammerspoon with the ability to create both local and remote message ports for inter-process communication.
hs.itunes Controls for iTunes music player
hs.javascript Execute JavaScript code
hs.json JSON encoding and decoding
hs.keycodes Convert between key-strings and key-codes. Also provides functionality for querying and changing keyboard layouts.
hs.layout Window layout manager
hs.location Determine the machine's location and useful information about that location
hs.location.geocoder Converts between GPS coordinates and more user friendly representations like an address or points of interest.
hs.logger Simple logger for debugging purposes
hs.math Various helpful mathematical functions
hs.menubar Create and manage menubar icons
hs.messages Send messages via iMessage and SMS Relay (note, SMS Relay requires OS X 10.10 and an established SMS Relay pairing between your Mac and an iPhone running iOS8)
hs.midi MIDI Extension for Hammerspoon.
hs.milight Simple controls for the MiLight LED WiFi bridge (also known as LimitlessLED and EasyBulb)
hs.mjomatic tmuxomatic-like window management
hs.mouse Inspect/manipulate the position of the mouse pointer
hs.network This module provides functions for inquiring about and monitoring changes to the network.
hs.network.configuration This sub-module provides access to the current location set configuration settings in the system's dynamic store.
hs.network.host This sub-module provides functions for acquiring host information, such as hostnames, addresses, and reachability.
hs.network.ping This module provides a basic ping function which can test host availability. Ping is a network diagnostic tool commonly found in most operating systems which can be used to test if a route to a specified host exists and if that host is responding to network traffic.
hs.network.ping.echoRequest Provides lower-level access to the ICMP Echo Request infrastructure used by the hs.network.ping module. In general, you should not need to use this module directly unless you have specific requirements not met by the hs.network.ping module and the hs.network.ping object methods.
hs.network.reachability This sub-module can be used to determine the reachability of a target host. A remote host is considered reachable when a data packet, sent by an application into the network stack, can leave the local device. Reachability does not guarantee that the data packet will actually be received by the host.
hs.noises Contains two low latency audio recognizers for different mouth noises, which can be used to trigger actions like scrolling or clicking.
hs.notify This module allows you to create on screen notifications in the User Notification Center located at the right of the users screen.
hs.osascript Execute Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) code - AppleScript and JavaScript
hs.osc Open Sound Control (OSC) support.
hs.pasteboard Inspect/manipulate pasteboards (more commonly called clipboards). Both the system default pasteboard and custom named pasteboards can be interacted with.
hs.pasteboard.watcher Watch for Pasteboard Changes.
hs.pathwatcher Watch paths recursively for changes
hs.plist Read and write Property List files
hs.razer Razer device support.
hs.redshift Inverts and/or lowers the color temperature of the screen(s) on a schedule, for a more pleasant experience at night
hs.screen Manipulate screens (i.e. monitors)
hs.screen.watcher Watch for screen layout changes
hs.serial Communicate with external devices through a serial port (most commonly RS-232).
hs.settings Serialize simple Lua variables across Hammerspoon launches
hs.sharing Share items with the macOS Sharing Services under the control of Hammerspoon.
hs.shortcuts List and run shortcuts from the Shortcuts app
hs.socket Talk to custom protocols using asynchronous TCP sockets.
hs.socket.udp Talk to custom protocols using asynchronous UDP sockets.
hs.sound Load/play/manipulate sound files
hs.spaces This module provides some basic functions for controlling macOS Spaces.
hs.spaces.watcher Watches for the current Space being changed
hs.speech This module provides access to the Speech Synthesizer component of OS X.
hs.speech.listener This module provides access to the Speech Recognizer component of OS X.
hs.spoons Utility and management functions for Spoons
hs.spotify Controls for Spotify music player
hs.spotlight This module allows Hammerspoon to preform Spotlight metadata queries.
hs.spotlight.group This sub-module is used to access results to a spotlightObject query which have been grouped by one or more attribute values.
hs.spotlight.item This sub-module is used to access the individual results of a spotlightObject or a spotlightGroupObject.
hs.sqlite3 Interact with SQLite databases
hs.streamdeck Configure/control an Elgato Stream Deck.
hs.styledtext This module adds support for controlling the style of the text in Hammerspoon.
hs.tabs Place the windows of an application into tabs drawn on its titlebar
hs.tangent Tangent Control Surface Extension
hs.task Execute processes in the background and capture their output
hs.timer Execute functions with various timing rules
hs.timer.delayed Specialized timer objects to coalesce processing of unpredictable asynchronous events into a single callback
hs.uielement A generalized framework for working with OSX UI elements
hs.uielement.watcher Watch for events on certain UI elements (including windows and applications)
hs.urlevent Allows CommandPost to respond to URLs
hs.usb Inspect USB devices
hs.usb.watcher Watch for USB device connection/disconnection events
hs.utf8 Functions providing basic support for UTF-8 encodings
hs.vox Controls for VOX music player
hs.watchable A minimalistic Key-Value-Observer framework for Lua.
hs.websocket Simple websocket client.
hs.webview Display web content in a window from Hammerspoon
hs.webview.datastore Provides methods to list and purge the various types of data used by websites visited with hs.webview.
hs.webview.toolbar Create and manipulate toolbars which can be attached to the Hammerspoon console or hs.webview objects.
hs.webview.usercontent This module provides support for injecting custom JavaScript user content into your webviews and for JavaScript to post messages back to Hammerspoon.
hs.wifi Inspect WiFi networks
hs.wifi.watcher Watch for changes to the associated wifi network
hs.window Inspect/manipulate windows
hs.window.filter Filter windows by application, title, location on screen and more, and easily subscribe to events on these windows
hs.window.highlight Highlight the focused window
hs.window.switcher Window-based cmd-tab replacement