# cp.rx.go.SetProp.To.Then

A Statement.Modifier that defines what happens when after SetProp.To is executed.

# Submodules

# API Overview

Constants - Useful values which cannot be changed

  • Then

Methods - API calls which can only be made on an object returned by a constructor

  • ThenReset

# API Documentation

# Constants

# Then

Signature cp.rx.go.SetProp.To.Then <cp.rx.go.Statement.Modifier>
Type Constant
Description This is a configuration of SetProp.To, which should be created via SetProp:To(...):Then(...).
Notes None
Source src/extensions/cp/rx/go/SetProp.lua line 130

# Methods

# ThenReset

Signature cp.rx.go.SetProp.To.Then:ThenReset(...) -> SetProp.To.Then.ThenReset
Type Method
Description Call this to have the cp.prop get reset to its original value after the Then resolvables have resolved.
  • ... - The list of resolveable values to process for the successful If result.
  • The Then Statement.Modifier.
  • For example:
  • lua</li><li>local foo = prop.THIS("foo")</li><li>SetProp(foo):To("bar") -- `foo` is updated to "bar"</li><li>:Then(function(aResult)</li><li> doSomethingWith(aResult, anotherResult)</li><li> return true</li><li>end)</li><li>:ThenReset() -- `foo` is back to "foo" now</li><li>
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/rx/go/SetProp.lua line 179