# cp.apple.finalcutpro.strings

The cp.strings for I18N lookups related to Final Cut Pro. This has been populated with common lookups for user interface values that appear in Final Cut Pro.

# API Overview

Constants - Useful values which cannot be changed

  • strings

Methods - API calls which can only be made on an object returned by a constructor

  • find
  • findKeys

# API Documentation

# Constants

# strings

Signature cp.apple.finalcutpro.strings <cp.strings>
Type Constant
Description The cp.strings providing access to common FCPX text values.
Notes None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/finalcutpro/init.lua line 166

# Methods

# find

Signature cp.apple.finalcutpro.strings:find(key[, locale][, quiet]]) -> string
Type Method
Description Looks up an application string with the specified key. If no context value is provided, the current context is used.
  • key - The key to look up.
  • locale - Optional locale to retrieve the key for, if available. May be a string or cp.i18n.localeID.
  • quiet - Optional boolean, defaults to false. If true, no warnings are logged for missing keys.
  • The requested string or nil if the application is not running.
Notes None
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/finalcutpro/strings.lua line 144

# findKeys

Signature cp.apple.finalcutpro.strings:findKeys(string[, lang]) -> {string}
Type Method
Description Looks up an application string and returns an array of keys that match. It will take into account current language the app is running in, or use lang if provided.
  • string - The string to look up.
  • lang - The language (defaults to current FCPX language).
  • The array of keys with a matching string.
  • This method may be very inefficient, since it has to search through every possible key/value pair to find matches. It is not recommended that this is used in production.
Examples None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/finalcutpro/strings.lua line 171