# cp.rx.go.SetProp

A Statement that will update a cp.prop value, then optionally execute other resolvables, and optionally reset the cp.prop to its previous value. This is useful for simply changing a cp.prop value without requiring a custom function(), but is extra useful when you only want to temporarily change the value.

# Submodules

# API Overview

Constructors - API calls which return an object, typically one that offers API methods

  • SetProp

Methods - API calls which can only be made on an object returned by a constructor

  • To

# API Documentation

# Constructors

# SetProp

Signature cp.rx.go.SetProp(theProp) -> SetProp
Type Constructor
Description Creates a new SetProp Statement which will update the provided cp.prop value to the specified To value.
  • theProp - The cp.prop which will be updated.
  • The SetProp Statement.
  • It can then optionally execute some other statements and finally, reset the property to its original value.
  • Example:
  • lua</li><li>local myProp = prop.VALUE("foo")</li><li>SetProp(myProp):To("bar"):Then(</li><li> function() ... end</li><li>):ThenReset()</li><li>
Examples None
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# Methods

# To

Signature cp.rx.go.SetProp:To(value) -> SetProp.To
Type Method
Description Call this to define what value to set the property to. If it is a function or other "callable" table, it will be called with no parameters to get the actual stored value. If it is any other value, it will be set as is.
  • value - The value or "callable" to update the prop to.
  • The SetProp.To Statement.Modifier.
  • For example:
  • lua</li><li>SetProp(foo):To("bar") -- will always set to "bar"</li><li>SetProp(modDate):To(os.time) -- will set to the current value returned by `os.time()` every time it's executed.</li><li>
Examples None
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