# cp.apple.finalcutpro.app

The cp.app for Final Cut Pro. Will automatically determine if only the trial version of FCPX is installed and use that instead.

# API Overview

Constants - Useful values which cannot be changed

  • app

Fields - Variables which can only be accessed from an object returned by a constructor

  • application

# API Documentation

# Constants

# app

Signature cp.apple.finalcutpro.app <cp.app>
Type Constant
Description The app for Final Cut Pro.
  • All values from app can be accessed directly from the finalcutpro instance.
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/finalcutpro/init.lua line 153

# Fields

# application

Signature cp.apple.finalcutpro.application <cp.prop: hs.application; read-only>
Type Field
Description Returns the running hs.application for Final Cut Pro, or nil if it's not running.
Notes None
Source src/extensions/cp/apple/finalcutpro/init.lua line 256