# hs.hints

Switch focus with a transient per-application keyboard shortcut

# API Overview

Variables - Configurable values

  • fontName
  • fontSize
  • hintChars
  • iconAlpha
  • showTitleThresh
  • style
  • titleMaxSize

Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

  • windowHints

# API Documentation

# Variables

# fontName

Signature hs.hints.fontName
Type Variable
Description A fully specified family-face name, preferably the PostScript name, such as Helvetica-BoldOblique or Times-Roman. (The Font Book app displays PostScript names of fonts in the Font Info panel.)
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 25

# fontSize

Signature hs.hints.fontSize
Type Variable
Description The size of font that should be used. A value of 0.0 will use the default size.
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 31

# hintChars

Signature hs.hints.hintChars
Type Variable
Description This controls the set of characters that will be used for window hints. They must be characters found in hs.keycodes.map
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 10

# iconAlpha

Signature hs.hints.iconAlpha
Type Variable
Description Opacity of the application icon. Default is 0.95.
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 47

# showTitleThresh

Signature hs.hints.showTitleThresh
Type Variable
Description If there are less than or equal to this many windows on screen their titles will be shown in the hints.
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 36

# style

Signature hs.hints.style
Type Variable
Description If this is set to "vimperator", every window hint starts with the first character
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 19

# titleMaxSize

Signature hs.hints.titleMaxSize
Type Variable
Description If the title is longer than maxSize, the string is truncated, -1 to disable, valid value is >= 6
Notes None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 42

# Functions

# windowHints

Signature hs.hints.windowHints([windows, callback, allowNonStandard])
Type Function
Description Displays a keyboard hint for switching focus to each window
  • windows - An optional table containing some hs.window objects. If this value is nil, all windows will be hinted
  • callback - An optional function that will be called when a window has been selected by the user. The function will be called with a single argument containing the hs.window object of the window chosen by the user
  • allowNonStandard - An optional boolean. If true, all windows will be included, not just standard windows
  • None
  • If there are more windows open than there are characters available in hs.hints.hintChars, multiple characters will be used
  • If hints.style is set to "vimperator", every window hint is prefixed with the first character of the parent application's name
  • To display hints only for the currently focused application, try something like:
  • hs.hints.windowHints(hs.window.focusedWindow():application():allWindows())
Examples None
Source extensions/hints/hints.lua line 201