# plugins.finalcutpro.browser.height

Shortcut for changing Final Cut Pro's Browser Height

# API Overview

Variables - Configurable values

  • changeBrowserClipHeightAlreadyInProgress

Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

  • changeBrowserClipHeight

# API Documentation

# Variables

# changeBrowserClipHeightAlreadyInProgress

Signature plugins.finalcutpro.browser.height.changeBrowserClipHeightAlreadyInProgress -> boolean
Type Variable
Description Change timeline clip height already in progress.
Notes None
Source src/plugins/finalcutpro/browser/height.lua line 17

# Functions

# changeBrowserClipHeight

Signature plugins.finalcutpro.browser.height.changeBrowserClipHeight(direction) -> none
Type Function
Description Change the Browser Clip Height
  • direction - "up" or "down"
  • None
Notes None
Examples None
Source src/plugins/finalcutpro/browser/height.lua line 63