# plugins.core.accessibility.tools

Actions for control user interface elements via the Accessibility API.

# API Overview

Variables - Configurable values

  • currentlyDragging

Functions - API calls offered directly by the extension

  • changeElementUnderMouse

# API Documentation

# Variables

# currentlyDragging

Signature plugins.core.accessibility.tools.currentlyDragging -> boolean
Type Variable
Description Are we currently dragging something?
Notes None
Source src/plugins/core/accessibility/tools.lua line 24

# Functions

# changeElementUnderMouse

Signature plugins.core.accessibility.tools.changeElementUnderMouse(increase) -> none
Type Function
Description Change the value of a Accessibility Element under the mouse.
  • increase - A boolean to set the direction.
  • None
Notes None
Examples None
Source src/plugins/core/accessibility/tools.lua line 37