# plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.videoeffects

Controls Final Cut Pro's Video Effects.

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# videoeffects

Signature plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.videoeffects(action) -> boolean
Type Function
Description Applies the specified action as a video effect.
  • action - A table with the name/category/theme for the video effect to apply, or a string with just the name.
  • true if a matching video effect was found and applied to the timeline.
  • Expects action to be a table with the following structure:
  • lua</li><li>{ name = "XXX", category = "YYY", theme = "ZZZ" }</li><li>
  • ...where "XXX", "YYY" and "ZZZ" are in the current FCPX language. The category and theme are optional,
  • but if they are known it's recommended to use them, or it will simply execute the first matching video effect with that name.
  • Alternatively, you can also supply a string with just the name.
Examples None
Source src/plugins/finalcutpro/timeline/videoeffects.lua line 17