# CommandPost

# API Documentation

Module Description
plugins.aftereffects.application.manager Registers After Effects with the Core Application Manager if installed.
plugins.aftereffects.effects Apply an After Effect effect to selected layer
plugins.aftereffects.preferences After Effects Preferences Panel
plugins.aftereffects.shortcuts Trigger After Effects Shortcuts
plugins.aftereffects.tangent.manager Manager for After Effects Tangent Support
plugins.compressor.application.manager Registers Compressor with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.compressor.feedback.bugreport Sends Apple a Bug Report or Feature Request for Compressor.
plugins.core.accessibility Accessibility Plugin.
plugins.core.accessibility.screenrecording Screen Recording Permission.
plugins.core.accessibility.tools Actions for control user interface elements via the Accessibility API.
plugins.core.action.activator This module provides provides a way of activating choices provided by action handlers.
plugins.core.action.handler A support class for handler handlers. It is not used directly, rather
plugins.core.action.manager Action Manager Module.
plugins.core.actions.custom Creates a bunch of commands that can be used to assign actions to.
plugins.core.application.manager Application manager.
plugins.core.audioswift.prefs AudioSwift Preferences Panel
plugins.core.commands.actions An action which will execute a command with matching group/id values.
plugins.core.commands.global The 'global' command collection.
plugins.core.console Search Console
plugins.core.console.applications Adds all installed applications to the Search Console.
plugins.core.console.keyboardmaestromacros Adds Keyboard Maestro Macros to the Search Console.
plugins.core.console.preferences Preferences for the Search Console.
plugins.core.console.scripts Adds all installed AppleScripts to the Search Console.
plugins.core.controlsurfaces.manager Manager for the CommandPost Preferences Window.
plugins.core.controlsurfaces.manager.panel CommandPost Control Surfaces Panel.
plugins.core.controlsurfaces.resolve.manager Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Control Surface Support.
plugins.core.controlsurfaces.resolve.prefs Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Control Surface Preferences Panel
plugins.core.disk.automount Automatic Disk Mounting & Unmounting.
plugins.core.disk.favourites Action that allows you save and open user-defined favourite folders.
plugins.core.display Display Controls.
plugins.core.gamepad.prefs Gamepad Preferences Panel
plugins.core.gestures Adds mouse actions.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.credits Credits Menu Item.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.debugconsole Debug Console Menu Item.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.developerguide Developer Guide Menu Item.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.donate Donate Menu Item.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.facebook Facebook Group Menu Item.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.feedback Feedback Menu Item.
plugins.core.helpandsupport.userguide User Guide Menu Item.
plugins.core.language Language Module.
plugins.core.loupedeck.prefs Loupedeck+ Preferences Panel
plugins.core.loupedeckctandlive.manager Manager Plugin for Loupedeck CT, Loupedeck Live, Loupedeck Live-S and Razer Stream Controller.
plugins.core.loupedeckctandlive.prefs Preferences Panels for Loupedeck CT, Loupedeck Live, Loupedeck Live-S and Razer Stream Controller.
plugins.core.loupedeckplugin General/macOS Loupedeck Plugin Actions
plugins.core.loupedeckplugin.manager Loupedeck Plugin Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.loupedeckplugin.prefs Loupedeck Plugin Preferences Panel
plugins.core.loupedeckplus.prefs Loupedeck+ Preferences Panel
plugins.core.macosshortcuts Adds actions for macOS Monterey Shortcuts.
plugins.core.macosshortcuts.preferences macOS Shortcuts Preferences Panel
plugins.core.menu.manager Menu Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.menu.manager.section Controls sections for the CommandPost menu.
plugins.core.menu.menuaction Add actions that allow you to trigger the menubar items from any application.
plugins.core.midi.manager MIDI Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.midi.manager.controls MIDI Manager Controls.
plugins.core.midi.prefs MIDI Preferences Panel
plugins.core.monogram.manager Monogram Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.monogram.prefs Monogram Preferences Panel
plugins.core.mouse Adds mouse actions.
plugins.core.pasteboard.history Adds text pasteboard history actions to the Search Console.
plugins.core.preferences.general General Preferences Panel.
plugins.core.preferences.manager Manager for the CommandPost Preferences Window.
plugins.core.preferences.manager.panel CommandPost Preferences Panel.
plugins.core.preferences.panels.general General Preferences Panel
plugins.core.preferences.panels.menubar Menubar Preferences Panel
plugins.core.preferences.panels.notifications Notifications Preferences Panel
plugins.core.preferences.panels.plugins Plugins Preferences Panel
plugins.core.preferences.panels.scripting Scripting Preferences Panel
plugins.core.preferences.panels.settings Settings Preferences Panel
plugins.core.preferences.updates Updates Module.
plugins.core.razer.changeapplications Allows you to change the Razer application if set to manual.
plugins.core.razer.manager Razer Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.razer.prefs Razer Preferences Panel
plugins.core.setup Manager for the CommandPost Setup Screen.
plugins.core.setup.panel CommandPost Setup Window Panel.
plugins.core.shortcuts.actions Adds actions which allow you to trigger keyboard shortcuts.
plugins.core.shortcuts.prefs Shortcuts Preferences Panel
plugins.core.streamdeck.manager Elgato Stream Deck Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.streamdeck.prefs Stream Deck Preferences Panel
plugins.core.tangent.manager Tangent Control Surface Manager
plugins.core.tangent.manager.action Represents a Tangent Action
plugins.core.tangent.manager.binding Represents a Tangent Binding
plugins.core.tangent.manager.connection Represents a Tangent Connection.
plugins.core.tangent.manager.controls Represents a Tangent Group
plugins.core.tangent.manager.group Represents a Tangent Group. Groups can also be used to enable/disable multiple
plugins.core.tangent.manager.menu Represents a Tangent Menu. Menus are controls that have a fixed set of
plugins.core.tangent.manager.mode Represents a Tangent Mode
plugins.core.tangent.manager.named Provides common functions for 'named' Tangent nodes
plugins.core.tangent.manager.parameter Represents a Tangent Parameter control.
plugins.core.tangent.prefs Tangent Preferences Panel
plugins.core.toolbox.intro Intro Toolbox Panel.
plugins.core.toolbox.manager Manager for the CommandPost Toolbox Window.
plugins.core.tools.caffeinate Prevents your Mac from going to sleep.
plugins.core.touchbar.banks Touch Bar Bank Actions.
plugins.core.touchbar.location Virtual Touch Bar Update Location Callback
plugins.core.touchbar.manager Touch Bar Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.touchbar.manager.widgets Touch Bar Widgets Manager
plugins.core.touchbar.prefs Touch Bar Preferences Panel
plugins.core.touchbar.virtual Virtual Touch Bar Manager
plugins.core.touchbar.widgets.volume Volume Slider
plugins.core.touchbar.widgets.windowSlide Window Slide Widget for Touch Bar.
plugins.core.tourbox.changeapplications Allows you to change the TourBox application if set to manual.
plugins.core.tourbox.manager Loupedeck CT Manager Plugin.
plugins.core.tourbox.prefs TourBox Preferences Panel
plugins.core.utilities.manager.panel CommandPost Preferences Panel.
plugins.core.watchfolders.manager Manager for the CommandPost Watch Folders Panel.
plugins.core.watchfolders.manager.panel Watch Folder Panel Manager.
plugins.diskutility.application.manager Registers Disk Utility with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.ecammlive.application.manager Registers Ecamm Live with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.actions.custom Creates a bunch of commands that can be used to assign actions to.
plugins.finalcutpro.advanced.backupinterval Change Final Cut Pro's Backup Interval.
plugins.finalcutpro.advanced.disablewaveforms Disable Waveforms Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.advanced.fcpxml Adds preferences for extra FCPXML import and export options.
plugins.finalcutpro.advanced.multicam Show Timeline In Player.
plugins.finalcutpro.advanced.playbackrendering Playback Rendering Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.advanced.showtimelineinviewers Show Timeline In Player.
plugins.finalcutpro.application.manager Registers Final Cut Pro with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.addnote Add Note Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.appearanceandfiltering Solo a clip in the Final Cut Pro Browser.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.clearnotes Clear Notes in Final Cut Pro Browser.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.csv Save Browser to CSV
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.duration Shortcut for changing Final Cut Pro's Browser Height
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.frameiotomarkers Takes the contents of a Frame.io CSV file and adds markers to a clip
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.height Shortcut for changing Final Cut Pro's Browser Height
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.insertvertical Insert Clips Vertically from Browser to Timeline.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.keywords Browser Keywords Presets.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.layouts Allows you to save and restore Browser Layouts.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.pasteboardtomarkers Take the contents of the Pasteboard and pastes it as clip markers on the
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.playhead Browser Playhead Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.selectlibrary Actions for selecting libraries
plugins.finalcutpro.browser.soloclip Solo a clip in the Final Cut Pro Browser.
plugins.finalcutpro.commands The 'fcpx' command collection.
plugins.finalcutpro.commands.actions An action which will execute a command with matching group/id values.
plugins.finalcutpro.console Final Cut Pro Search Consoles
plugins.finalcutpro.console.font Final Cut Pro Font Console
plugins.finalcutpro.export.batch Timeline Batch Export Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.export.batch.manager Manager for the Batch Export Window.
plugins.finalcutpro.export.batch.manager.panel CommandPost Batch Export Panel.
plugins.finalcutpro.feedback.bugreport Sends Apple a Bug Report or Feature Request for Final Cut Pro.
plugins.finalcutpro.fullscreen.disableesc Disables the ESC key when Final Cut Pro is in fullscreen mode.
plugins.finalcutpro.fullscreen.dockicon Manages the CommandPost dock icon when FCP is full-screen.
plugins.finalcutpro.fullscreen.shortcuts Fullscreen Shortcuts
plugins.finalcutpro.fullscreen.stopped Play Full Screen & Stop
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.manager Manager for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.fcpxml FCPXML Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.info Info Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.minimise Minimise button for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.notes Notes Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.pasteboard FCPXML Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.rename Batch Rename Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.search Ten Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.tenbuttons Ten Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.twelvebuttons Twelve Button Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.hud.panels.twentyfourbuttons Twenty Four Button Panel for the Final Cut Pro HUD.
plugins.finalcutpro.import.ignorecard Ignore Final Cut Pro's Media Import Window.
plugins.finalcutpro.import.preferences Import Preferences
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.audio Final Cut Pro Audio Inspector Additions.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.coloradjustments Actions for the Final Cut Pro Color Adjustments Effect.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.colourlabai Colourlab Ai Effect.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.info Final Cut Pro Info Inspector Additions.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.show Final Cut Pro Inspector Additions.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.text Final Cut Pro Text Inspector Additions.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.title Final Cut Pro Title Inspector Additions.
plugins.finalcutpro.inspector.video Final Cut Pro Video Inspector Additions.
plugins.finalcutpro.language Final Cut Pro Language Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.menu.manager Final Cut Pro Menu Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.menu.menuaction A action which will trigger an Final Cut Pro menu with a matching path, if available/enabled.
plugins.finalcutpro.menu.proxyicon Final Cut Pro Proxy Icon Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.audio Final Cut Pro MIDI Audio Controls.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.colorboard Final Cut Pro MIDI Color Board Controls.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.colorwheels Final Cut Pro MIDI Color Controls.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.controlui.absolute Adds the ability to control any Final Cut Pro User Interface Element via a MIDI Knob/Slider.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.controlui.relative Adds the ability to control any Final Cut Pro User Interface Element via a MIDI Knob/Slider.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.timeline Final Cut Pro MIDI Timeline Controls.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.video Final Cut Pro MIDI Video Inspector Controls.
plugins.finalcutpro.midi.controls.zoom Final Cut Pro MIDI Zoom Control.
plugins.finalcutpro.notifications.ifttt IFTTT Notifications Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.notifications.imessage iMessage Notifications Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.notifications.manager Notifications Manager Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.notifications.prowl Prowl Notifications Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.notifications.pushover Pushover Notifications Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.open Opens Final Cut Pro via Global Shortcut & Menubar.
plugins.finalcutpro.pasteboard.history Pasteboard History
plugins.finalcutpro.pasteboard.manager Pasteboard Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.pasteboard.shared Shared Pasteboard Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.preferences.animations Adds Preference for "Enable User Interface Animations" within Final Cut Pro X.
plugins.finalcutpro.preferences.clearcache Adds a "Clear Cache" button to the Final Cut Pro Preferences.
plugins.finalcutpro.preferences.general Final Cut Pro General Preferences
plugins.finalcutpro.preferences.manager Final Cut Pro Preferences Panel Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.preferences.spelling Adds Preference for "Correct Spelling Automatically" within Final Cut Pro X.
plugins.finalcutpro.setup.scan Show setup panel if Final Cut Pro needs scanning.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.audio Final Cut Pro Audio Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.browser Final Cut Pro Tangent Browser Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.clip Final Cut Pro Tangent View Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.color Final Cut Pro Tangent Color Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.commandpost.functions CommandPost Functions for Tangent.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.common Common Final Cut Pro functions for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.edit Final Cut Pro Tangent View Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.features Final Cut Pro CommandPost Actions for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.generator Final Cut Pro Generator Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.info Final Cut Pro Info Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.manager Manager for Final Cut Pro's Tangent Support
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.new Final Cut Pro Tangent View Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.open Final Cut Pro Tangent Open FCPX.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.os macOS Group for the Tangent.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.os.display Tangent Display Functions.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.os.pasteboard Pasteboard Tools for Tangent.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.os.sound Tangent Sound Functions.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.os.window Window Management Tools for Tangent.
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.overlay Final Cut Pro Tangent Viewer Overlay Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.pasteboard Final Cut Pro Tangent Pasteboard Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.playback Final Cut Pro Tangent Playback Group/Management
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.share Final Cut Pro Share Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.text Final Cut Pro Text Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.timeline Final Cut Pro Tangent Timeline Group/Management
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.title Final Cut Pro Title Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.transition Final Cut Pro Transition Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.trim Final Cut Pro Tangent Trim Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.video Final Cut Pro Video Inspector for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.view Final Cut Pro Tangent View Group
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.viewer Final Cut Pro Viewer Actions for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.tangent.workspaces Final Cut Pro Workspace Actions for Tangent
plugins.finalcutpro.text2speech Text to Speech Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.audioeffects Controls Final Cut Pro's Audio Effects.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.captions Caption Tools
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.clipnavigation Clip Navigation Actions.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.colorboard Color Board Plugins.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.colorboardv2 Color Board Plugins.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.colorwheels Color Wheel Enhancements.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.commandsetactions Adds Actions to the Console for triggering Final Cut Pro shortcuts as defined in the Command Set files.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.csv Save Timeline Index to CSV
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.editnewtitle Allows adding and editing titles in Final Cut Pro's timeline.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.generators Controls Final Cut Pro's Generators.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.height Shortcut for changing Final Cut Pro's Timeline Height
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.horizontal Actions for changing the Timeline Horizontally
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.lanes Controls Final Cut Pro's Lanes.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.markallclips Add a marker to all selected clips under the playhead, or all clips if only one clip is selected.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.matchframe Match Frame Tools for Final Cut Pro.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.mousezoom Allows you to zoom in or out of a Final Cut Pro timeline using the mechanical scroll wheel on your mouse or the Touch Pad on the Magic Mouse when holding down the OPTION modifier key.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.movetoplayhead Move To Playhead.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.multicam Multicam Tools.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.navigation Actions to control Timeline Navigation.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.pasteboard Actions related to the pasteboard.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.playback Playback Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.playhead Manages features relating to the Timeline Playhead.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.pluginactions Adds Final Cut Pro Plugins (i.e. Effects, Generators, Titles and Transitions) to CommandPost Actions.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.preferences Final Cut Pro Timeline Preferences.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.renameclip Rename Clip
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.selectalltimelineclips Select All Timeline Clips
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.speed Speed Related Actions
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.titles Controls Final Cut Pro's Titles.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.transcode Adds actions that allows you to transcode clips from the timeline.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.transitions Controls Final Cut Pro's Transitions.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.videoanimation Video Animation Actions
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.videoeffects Controls Final Cut Pro's Video Effects.
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.zoom Action for changing Final Cut Pro's Timeline Zoom Level
plugins.finalcutpro.timeline.zoomtoselection Zoom the Timeline to fit the currently-selected clips.
plugins.finalcutpro.toolbox.autosequence Orders clips on a timeline by timecode.
plugins.finalcutpro.toolbox.fcpxmltitles FCPXML Titles Toolbox Panel
plugins.finalcutpro.toolbox.notion Notion Toolbox Panel.
plugins.finalcutpro.toolbox.shotdata Shot Data Toolbox Panel.
plugins.finalcutpro.toolbox.sonytimecode Adds correct timecode from Sony cameras in a FCPXML.
plugins.finalcutpro.toolbox.titlestokeywords Converts Titles to Keywords
plugins.finalcutpro.touchbar.manager Final Cut Pro Touch Bar Manager.
plugins.finalcutpro.touchbar.virtual Virtual Touch Bar Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.touchbar.widgets.colorboard A collection of Final Cut Pro Color Board Widgets for the Touch Bar.
plugins.finalcutpro.touchbar.widgets.duration Final Cut Pro Browser Duration Control Widget for Touch Bar.
plugins.finalcutpro.touchbar.widgets.height Final Cut Pro Browser Height Control Widget for Touch Bar.
plugins.finalcutpro.touchbar.widgets.zoom Final Cut Pro Zoom Control Widget for Touch Bar.
plugins.finalcutpro.viewer.actions Viewer Actions
plugins.finalcutpro.viewer.overlays Final Cut Pro Viewer Overlays.
plugins.finalcutpro.watchfolders.fcpxml Final Cut Pro FCPXML Watch Folder Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.watchfolders.media Final Cut Pro Media Watch Folder Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.watchfolders.media.MediaFolder Final Cut Pro Media Watch Folder Plugin.
plugins.finalcutpro.watchfolders.media.panel Watch Folder Media Panel.
plugins.finalcutpro.workflowextension Workflow Extension Helper
plugins.finder.application.manager Registers Finder with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.finder.audio Actions for Audio Controls
plugins.finder.dateandtime Types the date and time in the "YYYYMMDD HHMM" format.
plugins.finder.pasteboard Handy text tools.
plugins.finder.pasteboard.history Adds text pasteboard history actions to the Search Console.
plugins.finder.preferences.panel General Preferences Panel
plugins.finder.preferences.powerchime General Preferences Panel
plugins.finder.window Handy tools for Windows Management in macOS.
plugins.microsoftteams.application.manager Registers Microsoft Teams with the Core Application Manager if installed.
plugins.motion.application.manager Registers Motion with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.motion.feedback.bugreport Sends Apple a Bug Report or Feature Request for Motion.
plugins.resolve.application.manager Registers Motion with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.resolve.tangent.emulation Emulates a Tangent Element Panel.
plugins.resolve.tangent.manager Manager for DaVinci Resolve's Tangent Support
plugins.skype.application.manager Registers Skype with the Core Application Manager if installed.
plugins.skype.shortcuts Trigger Skype Shortcuts
plugins.spotify.application.manager Registers Spotify with the Core Application Manager if installed.
plugins.spotify.loupedeckplugin Spotify Loupedeck Plugin Actions
plugins.systempreferences.application.manager Registers System Preferences with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.textedit.application.manager Registers TextEdit with the Core Application Manager.
plugins.zoom.application.manager Registers Zoom with the Core Application Manager if installed.
plugins.zoom.shortcuts Trigger Zoom Shortcuts